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  • 25 new workouts each month! You never have to do the same workout twice.
  •  Think of this as a menu of workouts where you can choose the best match for how you want to move each day. Focus on Cardio, Strength, Core, 20-30 Quick Blasts and workouts that can be done Anytime/Anywhere – no gym required! The choice is yours!
  •  Each workout is broken down step by step with movement demos for reference.
  •  Recipes that are healthy, simple and easy to follow. If I can make them, so can you!
  •  Music playlists made by me, for you.
My goal is to get you moving, to maximize your time and to help you find joy in your workouts.
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About Kaisa
I am an athlete and personal trainer with a master’s degree in exercise science. I have worked with clients one on one, and have coached at fitness events for thousands of people. My goal is simple, to get you moving! More importantly, I want you to have fun. My workouts will challenge you, shake things up and maximize your time. What are you waiting for? Join #TeamKaisa today!
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